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    March 24, after approval of the People's Republic of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction, Beijing, China Aviation Oil Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. won the national petroleum chemical industry professionals and housing construction professional B qualification certificates, can be a nationwide commitment to housing construction in the oil and chemical industry Supervision of construction work and the corresponding categories of project management and technical consulting services.
    Supervision qualification upgrading work has been reported in CAO's the focus of the work of engineering construction company, the company attaches great importance to the leadership, in the early deployment of several organizations, conferences and organizations reporting. Group leaders in the construction care and under the guidance of China Aviation Oil Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. all departments collaborative efforts to respond positively to all employees, Supervision Department carefully prepared information, fill in the application materials, once passed the audit.
After recent years of unremitting efforts, China Aviation Oil Engineering Construction Co., already has a skilled and knowledgeable team. At present, the company supervisors and supervision of the performance areas such as information has been eligible to apply for petroleum chemical industry the professional qualification of the conditions of class, dual-B qualification application is successful, the next step for the company advance the work of supervision qualification double-A has laid a good foundation. The success of supervision qualification promotion not only for the company's supervisory business expansion and business development planning of the implementation of great significance, but also for China Aviation Oil Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. to further expand the business scope, to expand their business really took to the road of sustainable development has laid a a solid foundation.