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Group History

History of CACC

▲ On Nov. 10, 1954, the State Council determined to rename  ivil Aviation Bureau of the Central Government People  Revolutionary Military Commission* to  eneral Administration of Civil Aviation of China*(CAAC), which directly belongs to the State Council. Meanwhile, the Design Division of CAAC was founded, which is comprised of technological professionals specialized in civil airport design, and that is the embryo of CACC. In Nov. the same year, the new established Design Division, guided by experts from the former Soviet Union, started the planning and design of the Capital Airport, and since then, launched its career in terms of civil airport planning and research.
▲ The name of CACC has been changed several times: from  he Design Division* to  hina Civil Airport Design Institute* in Sept. 1958, to  AAC Construction Design Institute*, to  esign Institute of CAAC Logistics Department* in Nov. 1969, to  AAC Construction Design Research Institute* in 1975.
▲ In Feb. 1985, its name was changed to  hina Civil Airport Design Institute*, and carried out public institution  corporation management system. In July 1993, CACC used the name of  hina Civil Airport Construction Engineering Corporation*, and started officially the corporation reform and enterprise operation. In May 1996, the present name of  hina Airport Construction Corporation* was used.
▲ In Dec. 2002, approved by CAAC, Beijing Capital Airport Group established Capital Airport Group jointly with Beijing Capital International Airport Co., Ltd, Tianjin Binhai Int  Airport, CACC, Jinfei Civil Aviation Economics Development Center, and CACC Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. CACC became the member corporation of Capital Airport Group.
▲ CACC regrouped with North China Civil Aviation Airport Planning and Designing Institute in Dec. 2000, with Southwest China Civil Aviation Planning and Designing Institute in Oct. 2001,with Northeast China Civil Aviation Planning and Designing Institute in Nov. 2001, and with Northwest China Civil Aviation Airport Planning and Designing Institute in Oct. 2004, which became CACC North Branch, Southwest Branch, Northwest Branch, and Northeast Branch respectively. Meanwhile, the original Capital Airport Group Engineering Construction Investment Corporation was also merged by CACC to become CACC Engineering Construction Company.
▲ In Feb. 2004, CACC and China Civil Aviation College were approved by CAAC to establish Airport Engineering Civil Aviation R&D Base officially.
▲ In Feb. 2005, Capital Airport Group regrouped the construction resources of the whole group on the basis of China Civil Aviation Airport Construction Corporation, and established CACC.
Units directly belong to CACC include: China Airport Construction Group Corporation of CAAC Planning&Design Institute, North Subsidiary Company of CACC, Southwest Subsidiary Company of CACC, Northeast Subsidiary Company of CACC, Northwest Subsidiary Company of CACC, CECD Supervision & Consulting Co.,Ltd.
    The sole-investment companies of CACC include: China Super-Creative Airport Technical Ltd., CACC Beijing Hua Xiang Aviation Services Co.
    The holding companies of CACC include: Beijing Senior International Engineering Project Management Co.,Ltd, Beijing Sino-Aero Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
    The joint stock companies of CACC include: Beijing  Aviaion  Oil  Construction  Co., Ltd, Beijing Capital Airport Power Co., Ltd., Beijing Capital Airport Tourism Corporation, Guangzhou Baiyun Int  Co., Ltd., Shenyang Airport Co., Ltd.