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About us


    The North China Subsidiary Company of CACC (NCSC), which used to be Airport Design Institute of CAAC Beijing Administrative Bureau founded in 1983, is one of the branch companies of CACC, and is shared  rade-A* qualification with CACC. NCSC is engaged in the civil airport  design and planning in terms of site selection, feasibility study, master planning, engineering design, civil airport and auxiliary project technology development, supervision, transfer and the design of civil architectures.
    NCSC has a experienced technological team involving the professions such as runway, communication and navigation, ATC technology, aviation aid lighting, meteorology, construction, water supply and drainage, heating supply and refrigeration, environmental green, 78.26% of which are specialized technicians, 21.7% have senior technology titles and 50% have mid level technology titles.
    With the development of civil aviation enterprise, NCSC came through the course from nonexistence to existence and from small to big, which has completed design and supervision of hundreds of civil aviation construction projects and contributed significantly to the historic end of civil airport runway in north China during the 7th 5-year plan period. In the past 20 years, NCSC has finished the expansion, planning and design of the Capital Int  Airport, Tianjin Binhai Int  Airport, Shijiazhuang Zhengding Airport, Huhhot Baita Airport, Shanxi Changzhi Airport, Gaotou Airport, Xilinhot Airport, Tongliao Airport, Hailaer Dongshan Airport, Chifeng Airport, Ulanhot Airport, and China Southern Xinjiang Airlines Base; the site selection and construction design of Handan Airport, Yuncheng Airport, Wuhai Mengxi Airport, Manzhouli Airport, Arshan Airport, and the cargo warehouse of Air China; and other projects such as flight route reconstruction on Japanese loan, the design of Olympics supply projects, design and consultation of general aviation airports of Beijing Badaling, Tianjin Tanggu, and Mangui in Inner-Mongolia, and the teaching apron of CAUC.
    NCSC has CACC  1st class design qualification. With the acceleration of civil aviation reform and the increasingly fierce market competition. Bearing in mind the core value of CACC, quality oriented, innovation in mind, and credibility based, proposing within the enterprise the spirit of  nnovation, devotion, and dedication*, and adhering to the corporation  tenet of  atisfying customer  demand by creation, striving for development by innovation, realizing the life value by pioneering*, NCSC continuously expands its operating scope, enhances the management level and makes efforts to provide excellent and efficient services to domestic and foreign customers.