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Southwest Branch carry out the "long march carrying forward the spirit of doing their own work" theme of practical activities


To commemorate the 88 anniversary of the Party to further deepen the Southwest Branch, "study and practice the scientific concept of development" activities, July 17 to 18, the southwest branch party organizations at all party members and party activists went to Guizhou Chishui City, launched the "carry forward the long march the spirit of doing their own work, "the theme of practical activities.

    In the two-day trip, we visited the Red Army through the "Siduchishui Museum" Chishui River crossing and the Red Army units, the better understanding of the heroic Red Army "Siduchishui" legend: "Siduchishui" as the Zunyi Conference of the Central the Red Army at the strategic shift, from passive to active, from defeat to victory a turning point, not only Mao's military forces, such as God's "proud of the pen his life," or highest-led army entered the war a battle in the Red Army's breakthrough in the roundabout , Yu Shuiqing soldiers and civilians have also been fully embodied.

    After the visit, all the hardships of the Red Army and the Chinese revolution, the victory of hard-won insights deep, said it would work in the future continue to carry forward the spirit of the march, based on job do their work and give full play to the exemplary vanguard role of party members, To promote scientific development branch's unremitting efforts, at the same time be treasured current happy life, maintaining harmonious and stable social environment.

    During the event, office party committee also organized a new party members to join the party and the old party members sworn oath review the party activities.