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Corporate culture

Corporate Mission

   Company's mission is the purpose and reason for existence of the business is to market the value and vision of enterprises must bear the responsibility and obligations.

Drawing a blueprint for airport construction

    CACC with beautiful earth as the operating stage, and to create a complete industrial chain of airport construction as the center, the grand plan, designed to draw the blueprint for airport construction of ours.
    CACC airport construction by drawing a blueprint to lead the industry, technological development, leading the ranks of civil aviation airport construction.


Help civil aviation take off

   CACC with a broad blue sky for the development of space for the aviation industry to build bridges, prosperous aviation economy, expand domestic and foreign markets, with the world peer synchronization, help the cause of the rise to civil aviation take off.
   CACC through the help of civil aviation take off, to realize their own social values, to promote the rapid development of civil aviation.