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Corporate culture

Core Values

    Core values are the business of its own raison d'etre of the evaluation criteria and selection criteria values on behavior is a respected enterprises and practicing the fundamental beliefs and codes of conduct.

Quality is the life of CACC, CACC's moral character is, we take the quality of survival
Long-term project, quality first, meticulous work, continuous improvement is the basis for our survival.
We are concerned about customers, create a boutique, the pursuit of excellence. "Good faith to create fine, fine of excellence" is a solid CACC industries to the excellent protection.
We dare to create, and strive to meet and lead the market demand, continue to enhance customer satisfaction throughout the entire process of engineering services work to protect the safety of the projects to ensure the sound development of our business steadily.

Innovation is the soul of CACC, CACC's development is the way, we take innovation and development
Emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts, advance with the times, reform and innovation is our development of the Road
We dare to abandon it, or continuous improvement, to pass him. "Innovation will never size, innovation never borders, endless innovation" is the CACC to achieve beyond the cause of the endless driving force.
We are actively confront and adapt to changes, continuously expand the work of thinking, the most forward-looking management systems and techniques, seeking ideas, institutions, and service a full range of innovation, to ensure fast and efficient development of our cause.

Credibility is the cornerstone of CACC is the CACC pass to the world, we are seeking benefits in good faith
Honest and trustworthy, to perform the contract, services, markets, quality and efficiency is the source of the pursuit of efficiency.
We are sincere at heart, within and outside the letter to people, well-care integrity of the CACC valuable spiritual wealth and value of resources.
We stick to credit, credit service, cast CACC brand, and strive to win a long-lasting recognition of the market to ensure that we achieve the "Asia's leading, world-renowned," the grand vision.